Vadim Alekseev

I was born in Moscow. At the age of nine my parents took me to the sport school, since then I have been keen on sport. I am master of sports in wrestling, candidate for master of sports in swimming.

I inherited the love for traveling from my grandfather, who was a hunter.

I took to backpacking in 1992. Gradually it became my lifestyle and partially work. During the 15 years my hobby has allowed me to visit many parts of our huge country. I have completed more than 200 routes: on rivers and seas, in catamarans and canoes, oaring and sailing and skiing, in the mountains.

I have been a participant of many international expeditions over Siberia, Chukot, Novaya Zemlya. The accounts of these expeditions have been published in Russian and foreign magazines such as Вокруг Света, ЭКС, Smithsonian, National Geographic, and shown on TV in programmes Wildlife on NTV and Beyond the Brinkmanship on TVC.

Mountaineering and ice-climbing are very important for me, and recently they have become my preference. I like arctic skiing trips, and I constantly make them more difficult by going further north.

Photography is an integral part of all my activities and I try to take pictures of everything that happens around.

Vadim Alekseev

Vadim Alekseev

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