Campaigns and expeditions since 1992

Travel of steel for me meaning of the life. Last time I live in campaigns, than in Moscow more. Here some of the routes passed by me:

  1. Polar Urals Mountains: Halmer-U, the river the Kara, settlement Amderma. 1992e.
  2. Kareliya: Engozero, the river Vonga, the White sea. 1997. Photos.
  3. The river the She-bear, the river Pes, the river Maloga. 1997.
  4. The river Kutsajoki, the river Tumcha, settlement Zelenoborsky. 1996. Photos.
  5. Kola peninsula: Umbozero, the river Umba. 1999. Photos.
  6. Kareliya: the river Tumcha, Iovskoe a water basin, Kumskoe a water basin, the river Pongoma. 1998.
  7. Kareliya: the river Krasnenkaja, the river Tumcha, Knjazhegubskoe a water basin. 1999.
  8. Caucasus: the river White. 1997. Photos.
  9. Caucasus: the river Kurdzhips with gorge Guamskim. 2000. Photos.
  10. Caucasus: the river of M. Laba, Urushten. 2001.
  11. Caucasus: the river Reoni. 1996.
  12. Rafting in Sayan mountains: the river Bij-hem, the river Bash-hem. 2003. Photos.
  13. The river Uksunjoki, the river Tohmajoki. 2004. Photos.
  14. Siberia: lake Baikal, all from the North on the South.2000e. Photos.
  15. Onega. 2004. Photos.
  16. Ladoga lake. 2003e. 2006e. Photos.
  17. Settlement Pojakonda, the White sea, settlement Onega. 2001. Photos.
  18. Siberia: the river Lena, all. August, 2004. Photos.
  19. Chukotka: the river Ugatkyn. 2002. Photos.
  20. Altai: the rivers Shavla, Argut, Katun. 2005. Photos.
  21. Altai: the river Chulyshman. 2006. Photos.
  22. Kola peninsula: the river Ponoj, the White sea, settlement Umba. 2007. Photos.
  23. Kandalaksha, the White sea, Solovki, Belomorsk. 2006. Photos.
  24. Small campaigns on the rivers: Buzha, the Sturgeon, nerskaja, sjas, the She-bear, Oka, Dnepr, Msta, Fields, nerl, Dubna, Berezajka, Tvertsa, Losevka, Volgusha, Kalga, Syvtuga, the Leather, Holding, Athanasius and another.
  25. Onega: Kizhi. On skis. Photos.
  26. The Arkhangelsk area: the Windy belt. On skis-2001. Photos.
  27. Hibiny. On skis.
  28. Kola peninsula: tundras Lovozerskie. On skis.- 2004. Photos.
  29. Kola peninsula: settlement Tiriberka, settlement Lovozero. On skis.2006. Photos.
  30. New Land, Menshikov's m., Amderma. Expedition of the Academy of sciences of the USSR. On skis, 1999.
  31. Ladoga lake from the North on the South. On skis. Photos.
  32. Tajmyr. Plateau Putorana, On skis, 2005. Photos.
  33. Tajmyr: lake Pjasino. On foot, September, 2005. Photos.
  34. Lapland: tundras Volchii. On skis, 2007. Photos.
  35. Altai: the Valley of falls, the river Chulyshman. 2001. Photos.
  36. Chukotka: mountain the Chain, 1 337 meters. 2002. Photos.
  37. Caucasus: mountain Oshten, 2 804 meters. Winter, 2003. Photos.
  38. Caucasus: mountain Tsahvoa, 3 345 meters on a northwest wall. Winter, 2004.
  39. Caucasus: mountain Tjutjubashi, 4 414 meters on a northeast wall. Winter, 2005. Photos.
  40. Altai: mountain Altynkojak, 2 898 meters. Winter, 2000. Photos.
  41. Caucasus: Adyrsu, mountain Sulukol, 4 201 meter on east wall. Winter, 2005. Photos.
  42. Caucasus: mountain Sulukol, the main, 4 251 meter. Winter, 2007. Photos.
  43. Mountain Elbrus. A classical ascention, winter. Memories of the friend. Photos.
  44. Yakutia: the Verkhoyansk ridge, mountain of Anonymous, 2 195 meters. 2004.
  45. Caucasus: mountain Dzhivurgen, 3 777 meters.2007e Photos.
  46. Small campaigns across Kola peninsula on skis and the frozen falls of Altai, Tajmyra, Caucasus. Photos.
  47. IndianChina: 70 km on jungle of Cambodia and island at ocean. January, 2008. Photos.
  48. Kamchatka: a ski campaign. February-March, 2008. Photos.
  49. An alloy on the rivers Kolosojoki, Tulemajoki and Tohmajoki from May, 1 till May, 10th, 2008. Photos.
  50. Autonomous sailing the river N. Tunguska summer 2008e. Photos.
  51. Caucasus.Mountain Noudjidza-2948m.-2008e. Photos.
  52. Caucas 2008e.mountain the NTV. Photos.
  53. January the Whit Sea. Photos.
  54. Ski expedition the Urals february 2009. Photos.
  55. Expedittion the Archipelag Spitsbergen march-april 2009. Photos.
  56. Have rafted down the rivers Laba and Belay may2009y. Photos.
  57. Nord Ural 500-km autonomous sailing down the river PELYM. Photos.
  58. Mountain Suaryk 3712-m .Caucas-2009e. Photos.
  59. Arhangelsk ski expedition 9-17january 2010y. Photos.
  60. Ladoga-2010e.Ski expedition Photos.
  61. Have rafted down river Bzieb.may-2010e. Photos.
  62. Extreme rafted the river Baschkaus - 2010e. Photos.
  63. Rivers the Ural:Ivdel,Sosva,Lozva september 2010 e. Photos.
  64. Mountain Caucas Photos.
  65. Ski expedition Kareliya-2011/ Photos.
  66. Ice-climbing Caucas.Baksan-2011e. Photos.
  67. Ice-climbing waterfalls Putorana plateau. Photos.
  68. May-2011e.rafted river Chuy. Photos.
  69. Greenland expedition summer-2011e. Photos.
  70. Nord Ural october - 2011.river Usa. Photos.
  71. South America. Photos.
  72. Arctic expedition in the Kara sea,the Nordenshelda archipelago -2012y. Photos.
  73. Travel over Onega lake.August - 2012 y.
  74. Caucasus.Climbing a mauntain Kurmutau-4045. Photos.
  75. Cinematographic expedition in Sayan taiga. Photos.
  76. Ski expedition to the Polar Urals -2013y. Photos.
  77. River Runa may-2013. Photos.
  78. Expedition of Siberian - River Tunguska. Photos.
  79. Caucasus mauntain Elbrus.October-2013.
  80. New Year - 2014 on the Mediterranean Sea. Photos.
  81. Climbing a mauntain Adjicol-3848 Photos.
  82. Ise climbing on the Caucasus.march-2014y. Photos.
  83. Rafting on the river Enguri-14y. Photos.
  84. Chukotca.Expedition -2014y. Photos.
  85. Road trip to Rassian Lapland 2014 Photos.
  86. Ski expedition the White Sea -2015 y. Photos.
  87. Documentary project .2015 Photos.
  88. The river Shlina. Photos.
  89. Journy through the Kazakh low hills.July -2015y. Photos.
  90. Expedition of Ohotskoe Sea - 2015 Photos.
  91. Tests of Russian ATVs.2015y. Photos.
  92. New year -2016 Photos.
  93. The journey on the river Kuloy and Whit Sea.julay-2016 Photos.
  94. Ice climbing.Caucasus - 2017 Photos.
  95. Spring rafting in rivtrs Maloga and Sherna - 2017 Photos.
  96. River VITIM - 2017?. Photos.
  97. Rafting the river Chatkal and Sandalash in Eastern Tian- Shan 2017y. Photos.
  98. Ise climbing Tian-Shan 2018 y. Photos.
  99. Novigation around the Peninsula Fishing and Average.-18y. Photos.
  100. Trevel on the rivers Nadym and Ob.2018y. Photos.
  101. Expedition to Venesuela 2008. Photos.
  102. River Poved and Shegra -2019 y. Photos.
  103. Photos.
  104. Photos.
  105. Photos.
  106. Photos.
  107. Photos.
  108. Photos.
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